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Jennifer has addressed many different audiences, both secular and Christian, both nationally and internationally, as she shares her compelling and inspiring story of overcoming the trials in life through faith and trust in God and His Word. She has also appeared on major media outlets such as The 700 Club, Moody Bible Radio, Homelife Magazine, The Hour of Power, Aspiring Women, The Coral Ridge Hour, USA Today, CNN Headline News, Fox News, and many nationally-syndicated radio programs. The Holy Spirit moves in mighty ways to bring Biblically-centered messages of hope and trust in Christ through Jennifer's powerful and uplifting words. All of Jennifer's presentations heavily incorporate Scripture as she applies it to our daily lives, and most programs include a PowerPoint slideshow.

Jennifer's full testimony, titled, "From Tragedy to Triumph:  By God's Grace and For His Glory" is her most requested program.  It includes her amazing story of how God used the events of 9/11 to draw Jennifer closer to Him. Regardless of their own life circumstances, those who hear it come away with wisdom, direction, encouragement, and inspiration to strengthen their own relationship with Christ.  Her program does not center on the events of 9/11... instead, Jennifer gives hope to all audiences by discussing our need to trust God through all the challenges in our life.

Some of Jennifer's other programs/topics include:

"Suffering Scripturally:  The Motives and the Methods"
In this "private eye" themed program, Jennifer discuss WHY (the motives) God allows suffering in our lives, and HOW (the methods) He expects us to deal with our struggles -- by suffering with obedience, patience, and confidence in God's promises.  Although it can be done as a stand-alone program, it is often used to lead into other sessions for conferences and retreats. 

"Ballroom Dancing with God:  Letting Christ Lead"
Are you a control freak?  Jennifer was... but God changed her heart, and He can change yours, too.  Jennifer will discuss the issues of obedience to God and His Word, and the importance of allowing Him to work in our life and direct our paths.

"Today's Menu Specials:  In the Kitchen with the Master Chef"
This program deals with the many life choices that we are confronted with, and how we can make good choices by consulting with God and His Word.  It also deals with the times when we have no choice over our life circumstances -- and how God provides all the ingredients we need to survive and triumph over them.

"Scuba Diving with God:  Meeting Christ Underwater and Surfacing After Life's Storms"
Are you ready to take your relationship with Christ and submerge even deeper into it?  How well do you know your Dive Buddy?  Do you trust Him with your life?  Jennifer uses the underwater world to illustrate our need for dependence on God, whether we're swimming in calm waters or battling stormy seas.


We hope you will consider inviting Jennifer to speak for your church or group. She brings a depth of candor and intimacy to all her events and her Biblically-centered messages of hope and faith impacts all types of audiences.

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