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Jennifer has addressed many different audiences, both Christian and secular, both nationally and internationally, as she shares her compelling and inspiring story of overcoming adversity through trusting God and His Word. She has also appeared on many media outlets such as The 700 Club, Moody Bible Radio, Homelife Magazine, The Hour of Power, Aspiring Women, The Coral Ridge Hour, USA Today, CNN Headline News, Fox News, and many nationally-syndicated radio programs. Jennifer's Biblically-centered messages of hope and trust in Christ are powerful and uplifting. All of her presentations incorporate Scripture applied to our daily life, and all programs include a PowerPoint slideshow.  Jennifer's speaking fee is based on several different factors, so please use the online form below to inquire about the fee for your specific event.


"Jennifer's Testimony: By God's Grace and For His Glory" is her most requested program. It is the powerful story of how God used her tragic loss on 9/11 to bring forth her salvation and a personal relationship with Jesus. Jennifer briefly explains how that fateful day transpired, but she does not focus on 9/11.  Her story is one of hope, healing, and victory in Christ; and audiences are encouraged to discover (or re-discover) how trusting Him brings real and lasting peace. Regardless of their life circumstances, those who hear it come away with wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration. Suitable for all audiences. Length: 30-60 minutes.  


Some of Jennifer's other popular topics include:


"Ballroom Dancing with God:  Letting Christ Lead"     Are you a control freak?  Jennifer was. But God changed her heart and He can change yours, too.  Jennifer will discuss the issues of obedience and submission to God and His Word, and the importance of allowing Him to work in our life and direct our paths. Suitable for all audiences. Length: 60 minutes


"Today's Menu Specials:  In the Kitchen with the Master Chef"    This popular program addresses the many times when we have no control over our circumstances, and how God provides all the ingredients and resources necessary to make something good out of a difficult situation, just as He promises in Romans 8:28.  Suitable for any Women's event. Length:  45-60 minutes


"Abiding in Christ"     Based on John 15:5 ("I am the Vine, you are the branches..."), this multi-session program uses a vineyard/grapevine theme. Jennifer will discuss the importance of our obedience to God and His Word, steadfast perseverance through life's struggles, and unreserved trust in God's plan. Best suited for a Women's event.  Length:  2 to 4 sessions, 1 hour each


"Going Undercover:  The Motives and the Methods"     Based on Hebrews 11:1 ("Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen"), this multi-session program uses a "private-eye" theme. Jennifer will discuss several reasons WHY God allows suffering in our lives (the "Motives") and HOW to deal with our trials in a Biblical way (the "Methods").  Suitable for all audiences. Length:  2 to 4 sessions, 1 hour each.


"A Journey Through the Holy Land"     Jennifer is an experienced Israel Tour Leader with deep knowledge and love for the Bible and the Holy Land. In this multi-session, Powerpoint-intensive program, Jennifer brings Israel to your church and takes you on a virtual tour, teaching on both Old and New Testament sites.  For those who have already been to Israel, they will re-live their trip through Jennifer's program. For those who have not been to Israel (or are unable to go), this is a wonderful opportunity to "see" it. Suitable for all audiences. Length:  3 or 4 sessions, 45-60 minutes each.


"Wise Warriors" (or "Wise Women Warriors")    This is one of Jennifer's specialty programs. Jennifer systematically discusses each piece of spiritual armor in the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:13-17), using costume armor to help the audience better understand the meaning. The extended version of this program also includes Jennifer's teaching on the story of Deborah in the Bible (Judges chapters 4-5) who was a "wise woman warrior". This program is reserved for suitable venues (a large speaking area is necessary) with Powerpoint capability. Suitable for all audiences. Ideal (extended) length is 4 sessions, 45 minutes each; but it can be condensed to 1 or 2 sessions, 45-60 minutes each.     


"Surviving the 60's"    This is one of Jennifer's fun specialty programs. Jennifer dresses as a hippie and discusses how we survived the 60s, how America survived the 60s, and how God survived the 60s.  This fun, entertaining, nostalgic, and God-honoring program is reserved for suitable audiences (men and women, but they must be old enough to remember that decade!) and for suitable venues (must have Powerpoint capability).  Length: 1 session, 60 minutes.


"Princess Bride"       This is one of Jennifer's fun specialty programs. Jennifer dresses as Princess Buttercup from the popular movie "Princess Bride" and shares how, as believers in Christ, we are both a Princess (a child of the King) and a Bride (the Bride of Christ). She draws spiritual lessons from many of the famous (and funny) movie lines, which will be greatly appreciated by those who are familiar with the movie. Therefore, this program is better suited for audiences that have already seen the film. Powerpoint is required. Length:  1 session, 60 minutes.



We hope you will consider inviting Jennifer to speak for your church, conference, or retreat. She brings a depth of candor and intimacy to all her events and her Biblically-centered messages of hope and faith impacts all audiences.

Please use the online form below to request more information and/or to check Jennifer's availability for your event. An email will be sent to you with your requested information.


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