Death of Osama bin Laden
Jennifer Sands -- Media Statement



Released Monday, May 2, 2011   9:21am


Finally… justice prevails as this mass murderer has been removed from this earth. God says, ‘Vengeance is Mine, I will repay; in due time, their foot will slip’ (Deut 32:35). It’s been almost 10 years, but indeed it is ‘due time’ and I’m certain that Osama bin Laden is now facing God’s vengeance and wrath.


As the widow of one of bin Laden’s countless victims, I’m relieved to know that the mastermind of 9/11 has finally met his fate. This is a big crush for al-Qaida and a tremendous victory for our nation, our military, and the 9/11 families. I am so grateful for the brave US troops who risked their lives to complete this mission. I applaud and salute their skill, their passion, and their relentless determination to extinguish the forces of evil in this world. May God bless our nation and our military.


As a Bible-believing, evangelical Christian, I cannot rejoice in the death of a man who is now spending his eternity in hell. There's a big difference between being relieved about the death of your enemy... and rejoicing in the death of your enemy. Crowds of Americans were gathered in New York and Washington celebrating this victory. I understand their elation and I admire their unity and patriotism… but I can assure you that Jesus is not cheering right now. He died for bin Laden’s sins just as He died for yours and mine… and bin Laden’s harsh rejection of Christ is not something heaven celebrates, nor do I.

In fact, in Proverbs 24:17-18, it says:  "Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles; or the LORD will see it and be displeased."   And so I do not rejoice, but I do breathe a big sigh of relief... and I thank and praise God for giving our leaders and troops the wisdom, the resources, the opportunity, and the skill to eliminate this madman from the world.


Many have asked me if bin Laden’s death has brought closure to 9/11. I cannot speak for the other families; I only know what’s in my own heart:  No, I do not have closure, but I do have peace. This may have closed a chapter of 9/11’s history, but the rest of the book is still being written. The death of bin Laden does not bring Jim back, nor does it change how I feel about what happened on that horrific day. For some families, I suppose bin Laden’s death may help them to move forward in their journey of grief. As for me, I have already moved forward – not by the death of Jim's murderer, but by the power of God’s love. Through my trust in God’s sovereignty, I have found peace that surpasses all understanding.


As we approach the 10thanniversary of September 11, I continue to mourn the collapse of the World Trade Center and I pray for the collapse of al-Qaida. I realize that bin Laden’s death may fuel the fire and bring forth retaliation from other terrorists. Certainly his death does not make our country safe or free from terrorism – on the contrary, things may get worse before they get better, so we cannot let our guard down. But I believe in a God who is in complete control, who does love and care for us, even when the earthly evidence suggests otherwise.


Jennifer Sands

9/11 Widow, wife of James (“Jim”) Sands, Jr. – Cantor Fitzgerald, 103rdFloor of Tower One

Christian Author and Speaker