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Recommended Books and Support Help

Lost in your despair? Below are some resources I found useful in my time of grief. I have also included a list of online support organizations.

Lost in cyberspace?  You will also find a sitemap for this website below.

Links to Grief and Support Organizations
Online support group
Christian organization that helps people locate local support groups
Self-help resource for and by widows
Parents Without Partners
Helps single parents
Recommended Books
A Christian Woman's Guide to Reasons for Faith

by Judy Salisbury, Foreword by Dr. Norm Geisler. 2003 by Harvest House Publishers

You Gotta Keep Dancin'

by Tim Hansel, 1985 by Cook Communications

A Grief Observed

C.S. Lewis

Triumph Through Tragedy

by David Wilkerson, 2001 by World Challenge Publications

Jim Sands
Cantor Families Memorial

This website was created for the Cantor family of companies and all employees of eSpeed, Inc., Cantor Fitzgerald, L.P., and TradeSpark, L.P., to commemorate all those lost in the World Trade Center tragedy. It is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the memory of Cantor families, friends, and colleagues. This link takes you to the memorial page created for Jim Sands.

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Meet Jennifer Sands / Homepage
Landing page for the website. Includes biographical info for Jennifer Sands and her ministry
Book One: A Tempered Faith
Information about Jennifer Sands' first book, A Tempered Faith. Includes endorsements, book specifications, book description, ordering information, and a link to purchase the book immediately.
Book Two: A Teachable Faith
Information about Jennifer Sands' second book, A Teachable Faith. Includes endorsements, book specifications, book description, ordering information, and a link to purchase the book immediately.
About The Cross on the Bookcovers
This page includes a full view photo of the special cross seen on the covers of Jennifer's books and the story behind it. Includes an offer for free postcards featuring the cross and its story.
Events Calendar
The page includes a calendar with scheduled interviews, media appearances, readings, signings, conferences, speaking engagements, panels, and lectures featuring Jennifer Sands.
Video Clips
This page features a sample video clip from a Jennifer Sands' speaking event. Includes links to 5 other clips.
Media Room
This page features press releases and downloadable interview questions for Jennifer Sands and her activity. Also includes contact info for her Publicist, PR Firm, and booking events.
Testimonials: Endorsements and Comments
This page features endorsements and comments on Jennifer Sands' ministry and books from professionals, readers, and event attendees.
Reader / Audience Feedback Form
Use this form to reach Jennifer and provide her feedback on her books or speaking engagements. Jennifer is always pleased to hear testimony from others of how God is changing their lives.
Doctrinal Statement of Faith

This is Jennifer's formal Doctrinal Statement of faith for churches and other organizations who may be interested.

Event Booking Request Form
Use this form to contact Jennifer Sands regarding her availability for speaking, book signings, or interviews. Includes contact information for her Publicist and PR Firm.