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From Tempered to Teachable
A 9/11 Widow's Spiritual Growth
Christianity and Pharmacy magazine -- Book Review -- Jan 21, 2006 --

by Amy Gerhart

"... Jennifer Sands invites readers into her daily world of living with loss and allows us to walk beside her as she develops into the person God has intended her to be.  Although you do not need to have read her first book to appreciate the second,  I am amazed at her spiritual development between the two books.  A Teachable Faith is a beautiful example of growth.

Jennifer's writing style is captivating.  As you read, you sense that she is a personal friend allowing the reader to see her innermost thoughts and view her healing wounds. She is not afraid to expose her shortcomings, her triumphs, and her raw emotion.  It is not often that a Christian author allows the reader to come along side their daily struggles for trust, strength, and perseverance.  Jennifer reminds us that God is in everything and that we must carefully examine our life to see the Lord working."