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Author and 9/11 Widow's Second Book Shares Ongoing Faith Journey
Agape Press -- Mar 15, 2006 --

By Allie Martin

March 15,2006

(Agape Press) -- A woman whose husband was killed in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, says God used the tragedy to help her realize her need for a relationship with Christ.

Jennifer Sands lost her husband Jim when Muslim terrorists flew plaines into Tower One of the World Trade Center in New York City.   In her first book, "A Tempered Faith:  Rediscovering Hope in the Ashes of Loss" (Olive Press, 2003), she told of her anger at God in the aftermath of the terror attacks.

In her second book, "A Teachable Faith:  Learning from God in Everyday Life" (Olive Press, 2005), Sands tells of her realization that, although she had attended a Catholic church for years, she had never trusted in Christ as Savior and repented of her sins.  In many ways, her loss led her to a clearer understanding of her need and a realization of the sufficiency of God's grace and mercy to fulfill it.

In sharing her own journey toward genuine salvation, the author says, "I wanted to show more proof of God's faithfulness to us and the spiritual growth that takes place when we completely submit our lives and our wills to Christ and develop a close relationship with Him."

In addition to the benefits of "immersing" herself in Scripture and extended prayer, the author says she credits much of her spiritual growth since her husband's death to "being led to a Bible-believing church" as well as "being discipled" by her pastor.

Today Sands, who lives in New Jersey, travels around the country speaking to both secular and church groups sharing her experience and all it has taught her.  In addressing audiences, she says one of her main goals is to encourage others to find the true hope and healing that can only come from a relationship with Christ.

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