A Tempered Faith
Rediscovering Hope in the Ashes of Loss



"Jennifer reminds us that finding the answers is not nearly as important as finding The Answer."                                        -- Joni Eareckson Tada


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This is Jennifer's gripping, firsthand account of a young widow's questions, doubts, and desperate search for answers in the wake of her husband's murder. It is the emotionally raw journal of her battle to find footholds of faith in the midst of sorrow and spiritual darkness. Most of all, it is a joyful confirmation that what the Bible says is true:

  • God is in control
  • He is listening
  • He does love you and care for us... even when the earthly evidence suggests otherwise


"Jennifer's book lays down a path of hope for others who face the unthinkable."  --Philip Yancey, author of The Jesus I Never Knew


Read an excerpt from A Tempered Faith

Book Information
: A Tempered Faith
Subtitle: Rediscovering Hope in the Ashes of Loss: A Surviving Spirit in the Wake of the World Trade Center Tragedy
Author: Jennifer Sands
Publisher: The Olive Press
Edition: 2003
Binding: Dustjacketed Hardback
Pages: 208
Price: $17.95
Availability: In stock
Trade Info: Available to the booktrade through Spring Arbor, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and other major wholesalers. Distributed by
Send The Light.


Read an excerpt from A Tempered Faith


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From the Dustjacket:
God answers prayers. Jennifer Sands believed that. When she prayed for professional advancement, she got it. When she prayed for a mortgage approval, she got it. When she prayed that her terminally ill brother be allowed to live, he did. When she prayed that her husband, Jim, return home safely from work, he always did.

Except once.

On September 11, 2001 Jim Sands was killed in the collapse of the World Trade Center. On that day Jennifer's world imploded, and she suffered the first blows of a pounding spiritual firestorm that threatened to poison her faith and suffocate her relationship with God.

Why would God answer her prayers for Jim's safety this way? Why would God send Jim to her as a soul mate only to rip him from her heart in the prime of his life? Had God stopped listening? Had He stopped caring? Had they done something wrong to deserve this?

If there really was a God, how could He let this happen??"

Jennifer Sands has since come through that firestorm. A Tempered Faith is her candid, firsthand account of her spiritual and emotional journey in the first year after the tragedy.  What began as despair and hopelessness, ends with trust and hope.  Her faith was made stronger -- the way that steel or glass is tempered and refined by fire...

This is the story of a tempered faith.


Retail Price:  $17.95

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Buy A Tempered Faith & A Treasured Faith Together and Save 20%!

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