A Treasured Faith
Refining a Heart for the Riches of Christ


"Jennifer didn't set out to be a treasure hunter. But through the tragedies of life, God brought treasure to her. With clarity, humor, and honesty, she describes the path to treasured faith and comes to the conclusion that the most valuable riches are found in the pages of the Bible." 

 -- Dr. Woodrow Kroll, President,                Back to the Bible International

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There are many treasures in life, but only one God who provides them...

Jennifer's first book, A Tempered Faith, candidly details her emotional and spiritual struggle after losing her husband in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In her second book, A Teachable Faith, she passes on the lessons and biblical truths that God taught her through everyday life experiences. Now, A Treasured Faith completes the popular "ATF Trilogy".  All three books remarkably track the ongoing progression of Jennifer's spiritual growth since 9/11. And yet, each book has been cleverly written as a stand-alone book -- so wherever you are in your own faith journey, there is an "ATF" book that will speak to your heart, encourage you in your trials, and challenge you to grow in the grace and knowledge of God and His Word.

In A Treasured Faith, Jennifer encourages us to discover the wealth when we dig deeply into the Bible and into our soul. She also shares some experiences in her recent battle with breast cancer -- another serious trial that forced her to look for God's goodness even in the darkest days.  A Treasured Faith challenges us to take our own relationship with the Lord to a higher level... and it reminds us that where your treasure is, there your heart will be also...



"What an incredibly readable, uplifting, convicting, and valuable jewel this book is. Jennifer offers answers to some of the most difficult challenges to our faith in such a beautiful and gracious way. A must read for those who seek encouragement, a deeper walk with the Lord, or just a reminder of how big our God really is."

 -- Judy Salisbury, Christian Author, Speaker, and Founder of Logos Presentations


Read an excerpt from A Treasured Faith


Book Information
: A Treasured Faith
Subtitle: Refining a Heart for the Riches of Christ
Author: Jennifer Sands
Publisher: The Olive Press
Edition: 2009
Binding: Dustjacketed Hardback
Pages: 208
Retail Price: $17.95
Availability: Available May 2009
Trade Info: Available to the booktrade through Spring Arbor, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and other major wholesalers. Distributed by
Send The Light.


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From the Dustjacket:

"Jennifer's life drastically changed on 9/11 when her husband was killed in the World Trade Center attacks. She was not a believer in Christ before then; God used that tragedy to bring forth her salvation as well as a writing and speaking ministry. God continued His work through her when her life changed again in 2007 as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In A Treasured Faith, Jennifer candidly shares her heart and her struggles with treatments. But A Treasured Faith goes far beyond a battle with cancer. This book shares the wisdom and the wealth discovered when we dig deep enough into the Bible and into our soul. It reminds us of the valuable lessons that result from our joys and our trials. And it challenges us to examine and deepen our own relationship with the Lord." 


Retail Price:  $17.95 each

Buy this book at 10% off!

Buy A Tempered Faith & A Treasured Faith Together and Save 20%

Buy A Teachable Faith & A Treasured Faith Together and Save 20%

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